3D Printed Ninja Turtle Tikis




This listing is for your very own Ninja Turtles. It’s the complete set of TMNT characters 3D printed as tikis and then mounted onto a 1×12 piece of wood and framed. It’s a solid piece that get’s lots of compliments. Our family is huge turtle fans. There was no way my husband wasn’t making these. Since they were such a hit we decided to offer them on here.

These turtles are approximately 7″x4.5″ and take about 10 hours each to print. Then of course there is the painting/prep time too. We ask on these orders that you allow us one to two weeks to prepare and ship. We will send progress pics and videos during the process. & Should they finish sooner, we’ll definitely let you know.

The models are created from Hex3d designs.
We print in either PLA+ or PETG filament. These are intended for interior wall displays. They should not be set in window sills, direct sunlight for extended periods of time, hot cars, outdoors etc. as the filament can warp/soften in prolonged exposure/heat. They are painted with acrylics and clear coated for durability but, should NOT be exposed to water.

You can choose any color background or frame that you’d like so that it fits into your home/style a little better. We have all kinds of paint and stain colors available. Just drop your preferences in the personalization box or shoot us a message and we can get you fixed up.

This piece was done in an American Stain with a natural frame that was wood burned before adding a satin clear coat.

If you’d like to order turtles individually that is an option as well. We can even do them unmounted and unfinished if you wanted to paint them yourself. You’ve got all the options.

Thanks for checking out our shop. Hope you have a rad day!


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