String Art Hearts




This post if for heart strings. 😉

Each of these are approximately 5.5″ square either on pine or reclaimed fence boards.

We cut, clean up and paint or stain the wood before adding a sealer. Then we workout our pattern and hand set however many nails it takes; in this case it’s about 40. Most of the time this is done as we go spacing the nails visually. We layer up the string in various colors until we find the sweet spot. & Whahah! haha

These are on the smaller side but, we can totally make you a little something bigger if you need it. & IF you want to create a different color combo, we can hook you up! Don’t hesitate to reach out and throw us your idea. Special requests are our favorites.

**The photos in this listing are all currently available.**

List price includes just a portion of the ship cost, our materials and a little time. These will often be stung together by our awesome kids! 😉

We listed processing as 5-7 days as we prefer to ship on Saturdays. That said, if it is ready, as soon as we can make it to the post office we will get it promptly on its way.


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