American Flag w/ U.S. Air Force Logo




This listing is for a distressed engraved wooden American Flag with a US Air Force design overlay.

After sourcing the best 1″x12″ Pine that our little town has to offer these flags are hand cut, sanded, sealed with a wood conditioner and stained or painted before hitting the CNC. After they come off the machine ( a couple bit changes, adjustments and hours later) the designs are detail sanded and cleaned up. At this point we’ll go in and torch it if that’s requested. If we do, then it’s cleaned up and sanded once again before getting any necessary touchups and finally some sealer.

We do multiple coats of whatever finish you like. My favorite is a crystal clear or gloss.
We suggest they go indoors but, note that they can go outside in a covered area.
Like, with most things you may see a little wear overtime if it’s exposed to the elements.

These flags would be a great gift to any of your favorite soldiers to celebrate their enlistment, anniversary, rank advancement, retirement… OR just because. 😉

The photos listed are of previous flags. All flags are unique as no two pieces of wood are the same and colors can vary slightly by batch. We do our best to keep things universal. If you would like to order another in a different color or with personalization don’t hesitate to reach out! Custom orders start at $175.


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