Heart Shaped Catch All Tray




This listing is for heart shaped catch all trays!

They’re the perfect size to keep on your dresser to drop down your rings and earrings… In the entryway for your keys… On the bookshelf or desk with paperclips for bookmarks and what not. 😉

Each heart is approximately 7.5″x8.75″ and made from pine.

We cut down our materials and get them painted or wood conditioned & stained. Then we get it set up and started on our CNC machine. From there it gets a little detail sanding, more wood conditioner and stain or paint… all before finally being sealed with multiple coats of clear.

We can change up the design colors and the engraving.
No two will ever be the same.

If you’re looking for something specific please let us know.
We will be adding more shapes and styles soon.


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