Murray State Racers String Art on Kentucky Cutout


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This was a custom ordered gift for a Murray State Racer!

It’s the perfect gift for your highshcool senior, a college athlete, graduation, or just because. 😉

A client came to me one day and asked if I could do a string art piece like another he had recently purchased. It was a DBZ character. Anyway, he wanted to know if I’d be able to create something unique with a string art logo for a college but, instead of my standard straight cut edge do the states shape. Cool idea. Totally up for the challenge we worked up some options, got approval and started a whole new style. One request led to another and now, we’re offering that same chance to you.

This listing is for a MADE TO ORDER piece of string art!
It’s approximately 19″x40″.
Made from 3/4″ cabinet grade Birch plywood.
The stain on this piece was Red Mahogany.

I created a design. Then we set up the projector and drew it on the wood so the hubs could get it cut out for me. I sanded, added a wood conditioner, stained and then finished it with three coats of clear before placing the pattern. I marked out spots for and then set hundreds of nails by hand. Everything was done by visually placing the nails as I went adjusting them for a curve here or there. Once all the nails are placed it quite literally takes HOURS to string several layers for each color and section so that we end up with a solid foundation and some depth to the piece. If the design needs it we will then also go in and color the tops of some of the nails. We give it a little dry time for all the loose ends and then it’s out the door and off to it’s forever home.

We can do this design or another logo for Murray State.
We would be happy to also do any other college, sports team or whatever.
Feel free to message us with requests or ideas about what you might want.

Please note: String art is for INDOORS. Simply dust occasionally and love it a lot. 😉

*** This item is listed as a “Custom Order w/ Free Shipping. On these we do have it set as a 7-10 day turnaround because the time the project requires. That said, it’s very possible if you catch us on a good week it would just be a few days. We prefer to ship on Saturdays because small town life has the post office closing before the day job ends.


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